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Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya)

One of the World’s Leading Coriander Seeds Suppliers

Parakram Super Foods is one of the leading coriander seeds suppliers based in India, supplying Coriander seeds across the globe.It is one of the prime spices used in Indian food. Parakram Super Foods provides non-GMO coriander seeds that pack food with flavour and make cuisines delicious..

With the earliest use of coriander seeds reported in 5000 BC, their use has been on the rise ever since. The herb is produced in Morocco, Bangladesh, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, India, Nigeria,Indonesia, the USSR, Yugoslavia Poland, Syria and the United States. Parakram Super Foods has been successfully producing high- quality coriander seeds and exporting them around the world. The seeds have become a preferred flavouring agent and its grounded form can be used as thickening agent for curries as well.


More Information About Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya)

Fresh Coriander Seeds has plenty of benefits and uses. They are available at high favorable prices with leading Coriander Seeds Exporters. Being a leading Coriander Seeds Exporters, we are selling our products in different packaging as per industry needs and requirements. .

Parakram Super Foods brings quality coriander which is a fragrant spice having mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage. Coriander is used in Indian curries, gin, American cigarettes, and sausages. Moreover, these quality seeds provided by our company have a good medicinal value. Coriander seeds are special as they contain vitamin C even when they are dry and can be used for their antioxidant properties. The whole seeds are brilliant digestives and contain essential oils which also keep the cholesterol level under control. .

West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab also make significant contribution to Indian output. Global output of cumin seed is estimated to be less than 300,000 ton per year with bulk of the output concentrated in Asian countries. Global demand as per export of coriander is estimated to be around 30,000 to per year. Since India is the largest producer and consumer, the price formation of coriander is mainly determined by domestic factors.

Being prominent Coriander Seeds Exporters, Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we believe in achieving maximum customer satisfaction through consistent efforts and dedication.

Our Coriander Seeds are 100 percent fresh and safe in use. They have plenty of healthy benefits to make you physically and mentally strong.Buy Coriander Seeds with us at most suitable prices and you can also contact our expert team for further assistance.

Coriander Seeds benefits

  • They are good to add fresh and different flavors to food
  • They have wonderful nutritional value and mineral content
  • It boosts up overall health and stamina of an individual
  • It has remarkable tendency for treating intestinal and gastric pain
  • Fresh coriander seeds are beneficial for skin also
  • Fresh Coriander Seeds Specifications

The largest selection of indian spices

Our company offers a wide variety of indian spices and food products. Whether you prefer grinded or non grinded, we can supply you with any products that will perfectly fit the requirement of your supply chain.

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