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About Parakram

Providing the best spices since 1948.

Our History

  • 1948
    Mr. Sundar Lal Ram Bharosey Lal laid foundation in Moradabad Uttar Pradesh,Started with sugar distribution.
  • 1968
    Mr.Sundar Lal Son Ram Bharosey Lal Start Leading The Company and entered the pulses and sugar distribution business and spread it in whole uttar pradesh (That time United Province), Mr.Ram Bharosay Lal is reputed for the most disciplined and profitable distribution system.
  • 1989
    Mr. Ram Bharosey Lal Son Vinod Gupta Starts Leading The Company and with other products he added spices , refined oils and other edible oils to company portfolio and start distrution to whole uttar pradesh and delhi.
  • 2009
    Mr.Vinod Gupta Son Mr.Nalin Gupta start leading the company with the name of PARAKRAM SUPER FOODS and introduced Spices , grinded spices , ready to eat products to company portfolio and start distribution all over india.
  • 2018
    Mr. Nalin gupta started QTC (Quality Testing Lab)The very same year, Parakram Super Foods set up its export facility, which today reaches consumers in 15 countries worldwide. And today Parakram Super Foods is the proud exporter of spice masala in consumer packs.

About Us

Established in 1948 by Sundar Lal Ram Bhrosey Lal, today Parakram Super Foods has the finest grip on the Indian spice market,( a feat achieved with the hard work of Mr. Nalin Gupta). Take a moment and dive into the history of being India’s No.1 Spice Exporter

Parakram Superfoods started its journey from the year 1948 and has now grown into a well recognized and well respected mid size exporter in the field of wholesome spices worldwide including countries like-Spain,Egypt,U.S,U.K, Japan,Germany,China,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,Malaysia,Thailand and the list goes on. Parakram spices are known for their unmatchable quality,rich aroma with peerless taste. We take the word Quality seriously at Parakram Superfoods because we believe in "Purity matters the most" and to maintain that we hire worldclass innovative Japanese technologies to attain the highest standard in spices..Technology plays a pivotal role in our brand. All facets of production are computerized and efficiently coordinated. Complex processes like blending, mixing, formulation and addition have been made hassle-free, thanks to our sophisticated equipments.

The brand is deeply rooted in Indian culture and values and promises to deliever products that always conform to your requirements regarding flowability, taste, texture, appearance, and supreme quality of spices in the purest form. Parakram Superfoods has a long and impressive list of marquee clients, across its various lines of business. The Brand's philosophy of doing first class business the first class way has enabled it to become the partner of choice among both corporates comprising wholesalers, retailers, and individuals. The company is now working towards expanding its global foot print and at the same time is also taking small steps into the high potential Indian market through its products under the brand's name and our comprehensive market expertise to reach more customers domestically and internationally. Our customer care extends well beyond research, development, prototyping and testing. We carry our focused support all the way through to production, delivery and beyond.Today we have the trust and respect of our clients, which we value highly.